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Mainstream Media Blocks Factual and Valid Anti Climate Change Comments. Is this media bias?

June 24, 2010

I left the following comment at

“Before my previous comment got trashed, I was simply pointing out how the costs of ETS will not be confined to 5% rise in electricity and 4c a litre of petrol but will perculate through the whole economy including food and transport and everything else. Then I was pointing out that according the NZ government website, a whole range of industries including cement & glass production will also have extra costs in the form of carbon expenses and will either pass the cost on to the consumer, or if they rely on exports, simply go to the wall (or move offshore)”

Well I think you will agree my comment was reasonable but I tried to post this three times on the article at

This article outlines, in a favourable manner to our government, some details of the introduction of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

What I earlier tried to say was the fact that it is abject madness to contemplate an ETS anyway, but to do it in the face of an economic recession as well as doing it without the accompaniment of any of our trading partners is simply insanity.

I should also add that NZ is responsible for about 0.1% of carbon emissions so everything is an exercise in futility.

I do not think that NZ has any influence as a world leader, so NZ citizens can only tighten their belts and contemplate a non existant end to the current recession.

Anyway, Yahoo News did not allow my comment, and according to some of the other comments that slipped through before the comments were shut off, many others were having the same problem.

Is the media unbiased in New Zealand.

Not on the Yahoo website it would appear!


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