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Rural Response for COP 16 – Sierra Gorda´s Carbon Offset Track Record

November 27, 2010

I left the following comment at

As usual I await the reply with some anticipation.

You are going to Cancun?
Great you are the very person I am looking for, because I suspect if you are taking the trouble to go to Cancun or are thought of so highly as to be selected, you must have an encyclopaedic knowledge and understanding of Global Warming issues.

I hope you will have the time to answer the following question. All other AGW supporting sites either abuse me or spam my comment. I suspect this is because they cannot find an answer.

Here it is than.

Can you please explain/refer to/produce some empirical evidence for the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.

All I have found so far are a number of explanations which involve correlations, but I know from my freshman stats class that correlations are not evidence at all.
So if you are going to Cancun you obviously have a wide knowledge of these things and I sincerely hope you will help me on this.



This comment and your answer will be published on where my readers are also eagerly waiting to read your reply.


The above comment was spammed so I left the following to try and help the writer feel a little better. I sincerely hope he/she can sleep at night.


I see you spammed my comment.
Does this mean my question was too hard?
Could it mean that you do not know the answer to this cornerstone of AGW thinking.
Could it be that you cannot back up your belief with verifiable facts?
Could it be that you are a liar and a fake?
These and many other questions will be in the minds of my readers when they consider my unanswered comment which has been published under your URL at




The Author of this site simply spammed all my comments. He/She does not appear to be able to justify his/her beliefs but is still presumably going off to Cancun to contribute to the meeting of the faithful.

It is reasonable to assume that no other delegates would be able to answer my simple question reasonable either.


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