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Keithpp’s Blog:- Climate Rush target Defra in protest at forest sell off

January 22, 2011

I left the following comment at

An original comment of mine, suggesting that they stop protesting and simply purchase the forests they wish to have conserved and conserve them them selves, appears to have gone down like a lead balloon, and it was spammed.

So much for another protest group. Obviouslythe fact  that someone has to pay for what their demands entail does not enter their heads. The rank and file at least are probably not aware that if they are successful, all that happens is the tax payer will pick up the tab.  Everyone will pay for what this organisation wants to happen.

I also pointed out that if the organisation had significant support, ie a large enough membership, the individual member may be able to findhis/her share of the cost of purchasing and maintaining the forests quite affordable. If on the otherhand there are not enough members to make this possible, it means they are a splinter group, do not represent significant numbers of people and therefore their protests should be ignored.

The comment below was also immediately spammed.

My suggestion that you guys purchase the forests in question obviously did not find merit in your organisation. The someone else pays philosophy is obviously deeply entrenched in your organisation. I would point out that there are a number of organisations that do just that. being only one of them. I have a lot of respect for them. Cheers Roger PS. This comment and any replies will be posted at my other site where my readers will evaluate your answer. Please bear in mind that no answer also has some significance and the crediblity of your organisation my suffer.

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