Keithpp’s Blog:- Climate Rush target Defra in protest at forest sell off

I left the following comment at

An original comment of mine, suggesting that they stop protesting and simply purchase the forests they wish to have conserved and conserve them them selves, appears to have gone down like a lead balloon, and it was spammed.

So much for another protest group. Obviouslythe fact  that someone has to pay for what their demands entail does not enter their heads. The rank and file at least are probably not aware that if they are successful, all that happens is the tax payer will pick up the tab.  Everyone will pay for what this organisation wants to happen.

I also pointed out that if the organisation had significant support, ie a large enough membership, the individual member may be able to findhis/her share of the cost of purchasing and maintaining the forests quite affordable. If on the otherhand there are not enough members to make this possible, it means they are a splinter group, do not represent significant numbers of people and therefore their protests should be ignored.

The comment below was also immediately spammed.

My suggestion that you guys purchase the forests in question obviously did not find merit in your organisation. The someone else pays philosophy is obviously deeply entrenched in your organisation. I would point out that there are a number of organisations that do just that. being only one of them. I have a lot of respect for them. Cheers Roger PS. This comment and any replies will be posted at my other site where my readers will evaluate your answer. Please bear in mind that no answer also has some significance and the crediblity of your organisation my suffer.

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One Response to “Keithpp’s Blog:- Climate Rush target Defra in protest at forest sell off”

  1. Pete_Ridley Says:

    Hi Roger, those warmers will soon be sorted out. The Slayers (John O’Sullivan, Tim Ball, Hans Schreuder and about 33 others) are on the warpath. I don’t see eye-to-eye with John on everything but I do have respect for his courage. His opinions on climate change are not only in the Canada Free Press but, like mine, are plastered all over the Blogosphere.

    John has assembled “the Slayers” (Note 1), a powerful team of climate science critics to publish books that expose the flaws in the IPCC’s interpretation of science. First off the press QUOTE: In a world’s first ‘Slaying the Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ brings together some of the planet’s most powerful critics to expose the fraud that you always instinctively knew existed UNQUOTE” with another due out in the Spring. The promoters of that first book “ .. proudly present the world’s first full volume debunk of the greenhouse gas theory-that junk science construct that props up the discredited international religion that blames you for harming the planet.”

    Having managed to “ .. debunk of the greenhouse gas theory .. ” (Note 2), the next major objective appears to be the formation of Principia Scientific International an International. PSI is planned to be a not-for-profit association of scientists and other interested parties aiming to spread scientific truth globally, starting with climate science. Anyone interested in helping it to be set up can make a charitable donation to this fledgling global scientific association at the Go Fund Me site (Note 3).

    You can find out all that you need to know at the PSI Web-site (Note 4) which advises that “Our PROPOSED Board of Directors is: Dr. Martin Hertzberg; Dr. Claes Johnson; Joseph A. Olson; Alan Siddons; Dr. Charles Anderson; Rev. Philip Foster; John O’Sullivan; Hans Schreuder ”.

    On the GlobalWarmingSuperheroes “O’Sullivan’s Selective Myopia” thread (Note 5) one Jeff Daley claimed that “I was told John Osullivan is going to announce in Janaury the setting up a new science association called Principia Scientific International to sue all your criminal warmist buddies for fraud”. That is nonsense dreamed up by someone with a very vivid imagination. As I said on that thread “Taking a look at PSI’s Articles of Association .. I could find no mention of any intention “ .. to sue all your criminal warmist buddies for fraud”, so please Jeff, let us all know who told you that fairy tale – or were you just telling porkies? .. ” (NOTE 6).

    BTW, I submitted this comment to Realclimate today and – surprise surprise – it hasn’t yet appeared. I wonder if it will get past the “hockey team” without being “snipped”.

    1) see
    2) see
    3) see
    4) see
    5) see
    6) see

    Best regards, Pete Ridley

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