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The Non-Disposable Earth Project

February 6, 2011

I left the following comment at

This woman, who is also a teacher, believes and is no doubt teaching her pupils that  “Actually, climate change is no longer being debated (except by the skeptics) and has been proven.”

Well no matter which side you are on “has been proven” is so far from the truth and she complains that the media spend far more effort in reporting the sceptic side of things rather than the “facts”.

Also she wants any opposition to the AGW theory procecuted as they are to her, criminals.

So thats what you teach your pupils Grace. 1. AGW has been proven and 2.  its alright to put people who disagree with you in gaol.

I hope you have a concience hidden somewhere, you are welcome to have your own beliefs, but if you were teaching my kids, with your attitude,  I would have you out of a job so quick .

If you think that using worn out bed sheets for handkerchefs etc is going to save the planet, Well what can one say?

Oh by the way Grace, if you think 928 scientific journals constitute proof for AGW, I can 1. point you to more journals than that which disprove every aspect of AGW. Its time you got an education!

Oops did I forget that she gives education?  I think if I had kids of school age still, I would be interviewing the teachers about their attitudes to AGW and what they impart to the pupils.

Anyway it appears, not surprisingly, that my comment has been spammed.

Chalk up another AGW religious fanatic who cannot stand his/her opinions contradicted. 


I saw your comment below on

“Actually, climate change is no longer being debated (except by the skeptics) and has been proven. Although to the general public it may seem like climate change is not proven, in 928 articles published in scientific journals in the past 15 years, there is 0% doubt as to the cause of climate change. However, in the media, more than 50% of articles are routinely written falsely give the impression that climate change is still in doubt. That is a crime. It’s not just the government that needs to make changes. The media need to be accountable too.”

Linda is unable to discuss facts and spams all my questions about her opinions. (howver I record them at

However I feel I must pull you up short on your statement above.

Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is what I assume you mean by “climate change” has never in the whole wide world got near to having any accompanying scientific proof.

How do I know this? Well first of all I have a few clues about scientific proof and if you are prepared to put your thinking cap on I will share them with you.

There are three ways that one can prove a hypothesis scientifically.

In the case of the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” this is what therefore is needed.

1 Empirical proof that shows the causation factor of CO2 with respect of Global Warming?

2. Statistical proof of Anthropogenic CO2? In case you dont know it, correlations are never proof.

3. Evidence for the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis to be adopted over the null hypothesis?

Now you may need a little reading to understand what these things are. Here is a site which describes what is needed for #3 which might help.


Now you should do some research to see if any of these things have been done. I can tell you that you wont find any instances, but it is important that you trust no-one and find out for yourself.

The fact there is not even one scientific proof of the three listed above causes the scientific community to be up in arms. How can there be consensus when there is not any proof?

The truth is, that we are being taken for a ride, just like much of the population in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were.

If you would like a scientific opinion of what will happen if we do what the IPCC demands in terms of CO2 reductions, then check the first paragraph of

Now I know you want the best for your children.

There is no such thing as Anthropogenic Global Warming. The earth has been warmer than this in historical times before humans were producing any significant CO2, but I believe we are headed towards a holocaust of our own making.

It is this danger that you should consider for the sake of your children.

I hope at least this will stimulate you to think for yourself- like in Orwell’s Animal farm, do not let other people tell you how to think, be sceptical of every advice.

And please read my blog. It is in simple language and looks at historic and archaological facts which contradict the current hysteria of Global Warming.

Then after doing all this research and thinking, just reconsider exactly who are the criminals in the global warming debate.



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