The Consumption Dilemma:-Leverage Points for Accelerating Sustainable Growth

Some site on WordPress is pushing the above report, found at

However they are not offering the facility for comment (and I think comments are richly deserved), so I am posting it here for all to read AND comment on.

The first thing I would refer the readers to is page 10 of the above report, note on the table near the top of the page it lists “The ability to change Mindsets” and “The power to transcend paradigms” as the policies that have the “Most Effective Leverage” and are  “interventions where small changes can produce broad, system-wide results

Then go to Chapter 2. and read how it suggest how consumer habits should be changed.

I see the whole paper as a promoting a scheme where consumers will voluntarily choose poverty as a way of life, while presumably folks like the ones at Deloitte and the government agencies know better than to join them.

Well thats my opinion.

Have a good read and use this chance to comment on this paper that in my mind is little more than a promotion of methods in which governments can bend citizens habits and thought processes (so they will act like lemmings),  without actually giving too much information away.

More information is not necessarily good:

Consumers rarely balance the costs and benefits of each purchase.

Habit, emotion and intuition are more important as information – increasing the value of brands and easily recognizable and trusted labels”  (Page 16)

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