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Scare Mongering Again :- At least two sites running the myth that global warming causes earth quakes

April 16, 2011

Until you check their sources that is!

These two blogs :-


are running the same story. The gist is that “global Warming causes earthquakes”

Only trouble is that when one reads the source they both quote:-

you find this paragraph that appears after the ones they actually quote:-

“Iaffaldano stressed that his study did not mean that global warming would translate to stronger earthquakes happening more often, with the relevant patterns developing over “the order of millions of years.””

This is exactly the technique used by many commentators when they try to scare us about sea level rises.

The IPCC does say that the melting of the Greenland ice cap will add 7 meters to the world sea levels. But when you read exactly what they say, the threat becomes laughable!

Note the use of the word “millennia”.


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