Power Shifting Towards Tomorrow:-The most exciting time of my life

I left the following message at http://annarose.net.au/2011/07/11/the-most-exciting-time-of-my-life/

In her blog, Annarose expresses excitement about the new carbon tax being proposed for Australia.

Times are a changing, it must be a politicians dream to have the electorate “clamouring”  to be taxed!

Annarose obviously knows nothing about the economics of taxation. Even less about the effects of this one, and proffers no explanation on what the proposed tax will actually do, apart from filling government coffers and paying for the hiring of public servants nation wide, whose job it will be to decide who deserve the government’s, (“taxpayer’s”), relief from this tax.

Let me give you a brief lesson on basic economics:-

Whether or not you think that the life giving gas CO2 is a pollutant, please be assured that the 500 biggest polluters in Australia will never actually pay a cent of tax, carbon or otherwise.

You seem to forget that these 500 companies supply goods and services in some way to you. In otherwords, although it may be vicariously through a train of manufacture – wholesaler/distributor and retail ultimately the end user, thats you and me pay the taxation for these companies in the price we pay for their services. Especially when it is an across the board tax like this one.

For instance, you may notice the price of fuel and food going up. That will be you paying the carbon tax. Even if you are elligible for the tax break threshold the government will need to make up that tax somewhere else, and probably create a new government department to deal with it. Where will they get this tax from? Well lets think? Print money? Well I can assure you they wont do too much of that, because inflation is not a good idea. Well they will tax rich people and companies probably owned by those rich people more. So who will pay for that? Yup you guessed it. You and I.

Isn’t that just crap?

Australians should run around after that funny lady and wave banners saying “tax us please, we love tax, we will always vote for you if you tax us more etc””

Did you hear anyone describe how the tax will effect CO2 emission (as if they are a problem)? Nope because the tax will do nothing, just another excuse to waste everyones money.

I my countrywe have an ETS. The leader of the opposition is already talking about how he will spend the proceeds of it. http://crasspoliticsnz.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/philgoff-and-ets.pdf

BTW in case you don’t know it, cash from an ETS system is supposed to be spent on planting trees and buying carbon credits etc. The government supposedly should have no claim to the proceeds.

Enjoy your day.



Needless to say, my comment was spammed (twice). Poor high flyer Anna Rose (or her secretary) does not want to know facts that contradict her beliefs. Neither, it would appear, does she have any factual ammunition that can contradict what I say.

Maybe she should have studied economics at university to compliment her law degree.

I would like to make some comments about the little I know about Anna Rose.

Reading her “About Page” I read that she is the “Co-Founder of  Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)”  is a ” former Environment Minister’s joint Young Environmentalist of the Year” and  holds a first class honours degree in Arts (Asian Studies) and Law.

Well I just have to say that Anna appears to be the product of the sustained propaganda and the “teaching” of AGW in the Australian school system.

She is also obviously on the AGW gravy train as I further read – 

“Anna is currently traveling in the United States, UK and China on a Churchill Fellowship researching innovative climate change policies and social movements” and “has spent time studying and working in the United States, including trudging through snow for the Obama campaign in the New Hampshire Primary explaining to Americans that the policies of their Government actually affect other countries.”

She also works for an agency called “Make Believe” http://www.makebelieve.me which appears to be some sort of campaigning agency apparently aimed at political issues as they list the following among their clients.

Australian Conservation Foundation, The Global Poverty Project, The Greens, Make Povery History (which is a project to get the Federal Government to pass an act to eliminate poverty).

Im quite sure that if the elimination of poverty was just a matter of a piece of legislation, poverty would have been eliminated thousands of years ago.

I say to AnnaRose, You may be bright and sagacious, but you have a lot to learn about life.  Right now you are the tool of  unscrupulous people who seek only power, not what is best for your country. Try using that wonderful brain of yours and detect what is true instead of believing what people tell you.  You appear to be a little like a salesperson who is selling a scam. Unfortunately you believe in the scam, so so far, your concience is no doubt clear.

I think this academic study on Spain explains what is in store for our countries if we go the way you are helping to promote. I hope you will get to read it and gain an insite into some real world truths.


Here also is a speech by a former labour minister of my country. Note how he regrets the result of the social engineering he took part in and remarks

“A lifetime of watching social experiments has convinced me that growth invariably does more for people than social engineering.”


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2 Responses to “Power Shifting Towards Tomorrow:-The most exciting time of my life”

  1. JustMEinT Musings Says:

    Got Peed off today reading all the carbon Dioxide Garbage being bandied about by this government. But what truly bothers me are all the people who do not seem to understand the long term ramifications of whats coming down the pipeline. They seem so childish/ niave maybe? I dunno – so I wrote them a story.

    I attacked the keyboard thus:
    As always it was a struggle for them both, but after 60 years of married bliss, they knew what each other needed in the way of assistance, and they did their best to provide it for each other. So when the loud knocking came on their front door, Mary was the one to struggle up from her sitting position to answer the caller. John was not as yet fully dressed.

    Mary grabbed her walking stick and shuffled down the hall to see who might be calling at the early hour. She pulled back the security chain, opened the door and was shocked to be confronted by two uniformed Federal Police Officers wearing guns.

    • rogerthesurf Says:


      Thanks for visiting my blog,

      I read your story.
      I suppose you already know that the below is true in my country, except although the greens no doubt had a hand in it, it was carried out by the Labour Government 1999 – 2008.

      “She knew that once the Greens had power they would tighten up on just about every aspect of their lives. First the Marriage Laws were changed to allow same sex couples to obtain the same status as ‘normal man woman’ relationships. Then they allowed two blokes to legally adopt children – two women as well.
      Then they took away all parental rights to chastising children and made it the responsibility of the State”

      They also claimed to make prosititution “legal”, although it was not illegal anyway, but they legalised brothels, pimps and soliciting and claimed it was to protect the sex workers. The irony of it is that I doubt that they ever get to collect tax and GST off these same workers anyway.

      Please feel welcome to visit again.



      PS: here is the real story of what will happen economically to all of us if the Greens ever control the economy.

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