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I am having the following conversation at

Henry seems to be a product of that AGW propaganda of the last few years who are being shamelessly used by various movements I shall not name.

 Lets hope he will learn to think for himself eventually

Will keep you posted as to progress. Strong words though.

    • Firstly, did you read the letter? It provides nothing but anecdote and doesn’t offer a single shred of scientific evidence to disprove the wealth of supportive data.

      Secondly, in regard to his Climategate comments – the Climactic Research Unit at University of East Anglia has an interesting disclaimer on their front page:

      Have you also read the APS’s reply to the publication of his letter? If not you can do so here:

      Also, Lewis refers with indignation in his letter at the use of the word ‘incontrovertible’ in the APS’s climate change policy. The APS published an addendum to that policy in April this year, 5 months before  Lewis handed in his letter. Seems Lewis was maybe being a bit pedantic, no?

      You can read the original 2007 APS climate change policy as well as the April addendum here:

      Congratulations on your potty blog too. It spreads exactly the kind of ludicrous disinformation that I have mentioned. Sometimes I think it’s more of a curse than a blessing that the internet isn’t vetted.


Well you are certainly demonstrably on the defensive.
Is someone paying you to voice your opinions then?

For your information, resorting immediately to ad hominem remarks does not strengthen your case at all,  at least in the view of most readers.

Here is another similar account to Hal Lewis’s resignation letter.
I would not describe these letters as anecdotal because they are written by people describing their own experiences.

Of course the organisations involved must issue a disclaimer whether the allegations are true or not.
The point is that these letters are from people who have been at the top of their academic expertise  for a good number of years.

Now we must think about who is subject to excessive hyperbole, is deluded or is telling downright lies here.

Seeing as how you are so sure of your self that you feel justified in saying that all others who do not agree with your views should be at least banned from taking part in any conversation about global warming, how about you show me reasonable scientific evidence for the following, which is the foundation stone of AGW.

Show me reasonable or empirical evidence that supports the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.

If you do come up with some, well, I would probably join you lot.

Good luck.



PS. This conversation will be posted under your url, on my other site, which is where my readers are waiting with great interest for your reply.



I take it you didn’t find that empirical evidence for the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis then?

If thats the case, how about an apology for the unprovoked remarks you made in your reply above?



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  • Roger,

    here is a link to the relevant section of the IPCC’s 2007 report:

    Here is a link to the relevant section of a website I sometimes enjoy browsing: It’s the sort of website that contains facts backed up by scientific data so you probably won’t like it.

    I have a feeling that you have probably seen these sites before and that you will still be skeptical, because the reality is that there isn’t any evidence that would change the way you think. You have spent so much time and effort on your blog that you’re now fully locked in.

    Also, you can find links to the definitions of the words ‘anecdote’ and ‘empirical’ here and here.




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    • rogerthesurf | December 12, 2010 at 11:16 pm | Reply

      Thank you for the defnitions of anecdote and empirical evidence.

      Yes I have previously studied the other links you supplied. Studied them to exhaustion would be a reasonable description.
      I am not so arrogant as I would discuss things that I am not very conversant with.

      Now as you no doubt read the definition of empirical when were so kind to find the definition for it for me, you will now be equipped to recognise empirical evidence for anthropogenic global warming should you actually see it.
      Sadly there is no such thing in the links you supplied. I should know I have looked for this empirical thing for some time now, and to find that there is none in the IPCC’s publications would have to be some sort of omission dont you think?

      So why don’t you get out there and find some of this empirical proof or evidence of anthropogenic global warming before you decide who to start calling a liar.

      I do have an open mind on this and like I have said before, if there was empirical proof and evidence of anthropogenic global warming before me, I would be right up with you.




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