Roger is just a guy from New Zealand

Roger along with millions of others worldwide has seen through the horrendous range of lies which is anthropogenic induced climate change.

Roger has found it does not take a genius to see through the barrage of propaganda.

All that is needed is to consider the fact that before there was any human induced CO2 in the atmosphere, there have been warmer periods  (that is warmer than at present), and several of these times were within historical times!

In the blog http://www.rogerfromnewzealand.wordpress.com Roger explores the duplicity of the main players with the help of a cartoon by using the obvious parallel between Hans Andersen’s “Emperors New Clothes” and the non existent poisoning of the earth by the friendly gas CO2.

In the comments  and other pages, Roger is listing some of the biggest lies and most importantly in Porky No. 3 ,  links his blog together with emails from Climategate to show that there is an intention to change past history by attempts to claim there were no previous warm periods in the earths history.


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