An Empty Earth :- 2010 Warmest Global Temperature on Record So Far

I had the following “conversation” at

Didn’t get very far, as you see this girl only discusses the “science” and things that agree with “her ideas”

Most of my comments were spammed espcially when I challenged her scientific prowness by suggesting that she help me with my ongoing search for empirical proof of the “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.

I’m not actually sure whether the words I used were too difficult but chalk up another “Warmist” who is not secure in the foundation of her beliefs.

Shannon said 5 days ago:

Surprised that this is the first time I have to say this: This blog is friendly to science, not to denialists. If you wish to refute a post, you need to link to a scientific organization or major news outlet. Thank you.

You said 3 days ago:


Are you really saying that you will publish stuff that you agree with but definitely spam stuff that contradicts your ideas?



Shannon said 3 days ago:

No, I’m just saying that I would like you to provide links to legitimate sources of information to uphold your arguments. I actually welcome debate that is grounded in science, but I have found that arguing with people who refuse to acknowledge facts is essentially pointless. And while you may refute my ideas, when I present them, you can’t really refute facts.

Shannon said 9 hours ago:

Please see my About page for my full comment policy. Trolls aren’t welcome here.

I asked you a perfectly valid and important question.

If you are not prepared to discuss it and face the fact that it may contradict your current beliefs, you really need to look at yourself a little more closely.

This is a basic tenent of science. Everything must be questioned.

And you are the one accusing me of being unscientific?

Like I said, instead of spouting what other people tell you, you need to use your own intellect some.



Commented at

Where she gives this link


You are such a hypocrite!

“The scientific method enables us to navigate around our human fallibilities and learn how the universe actually works.”

And yet when I invite you to explore the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming”  hypothesis, you are afraid to have it appear on your blog.

What are you afraid of? That your religious faith will be threatened?




Not surprisingly it was immediately spammed but what shocking hypocracy!.


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