ANTI-NUCLEAR :- Millions of jobs in carbon cuts and green technologies

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“Along with an emissions trading scheme and a 25 per cent emissions cut, the modelling assumes the Australian government will invest directly in targeted regional industry planning, electric cars, public transport and reducing household emissions.”


I don’t know if you ever made a serious study of economics, but I have to tell you that there is some serious propaganda and lies going on here.

You see the article mentions the use of Australian Government investment (read tax payer) and implies that also funds from an emission trading scheme will be used to “create” jobs.

This is such a terrible porky because the government funds will come from the tax payer which is yourself and all the businesses etc in Australia.

If we want to include funds from the ETS then the money comes from the same people. (In this case I have to exclude myself here because I live in NZ)

It is true that the government can spend tax payers money in a sector and appear to have created some jobs, but anyone who has studied economics at a reputable university will know the cost of those jobs plus government admin costs etc causes more job losses  over the whole economy than are actually gained.

Trouble is they are not quite so obvious.

Examples are perhaps when a company decides to send its operation to SE Asia because the local costs are too high, or the corner grocery closes down because transport costs make his business uneconomical etc.

I would be especially cautious of union involvement because they are only interested in their members not the economy as a whole.



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Wow this comment was spammed. Why do I say “Wow”?  Check out the qualifications of this woman. And she couldn’t tolerate my comment on her blog let alone answer/justify her post!

Someone is giving out porkies so the question is exactly whose side she is on. It certainly is not the side of the normal person that is for sure


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