Auckland University child health researchers are calling for action by health professionals over the risks they say climate change poses to the wellbeing of children.

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Thats funny,
For the last decade or two we have been bombarded with exhortations from the medical community to keep children warmer by insulating homes, not letting the house temperature fall below 18C or was it 20C?.
And now we are being told that any rise in temperature is going to be bad for children???
Also we are getting conflicting messages from the climate change community. “Global Warming will cause drought” “Global warming will cause more hurricanes” or just more extreme weather events.
I was brought up in S Auckland. I tell you any warming and less humidity there in the winter would be just great! I reckon that would apply to Wellington, Hutt Valley and Dunedin as well, just to name a few places.

Anyway I’m sure Dr Jamie Hosking is well aware that the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” is an unproven hypothesis.
Maybe there is a chance of government (tax payer) funding if he plays the cards right?

Can I modestly suggest that my well referenced blog is worth a read here.
It does some well deserved lampooning of some political figures but dwells on some incontrovertible facts which disprove the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.
Also in the pipeline is an economic analysis of the social effects of the IPCC carbon emission policies. So far it is very obvious that the effects of these on children will be far worse than the unlikey threat of a little global warming.






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