Citizen Action :- Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 2: Heading towards a 4°C world


I left the following comment at

Talk about scare mongering.

If there is anthropogenic  CO2 induced global warming, about which we can show is extremely unlikely, at least this guy should heed what the IPCC (who are also prone to one sided exaggeration as well- check out )

For the record the IPCC predicts 2-3.5 % on a DOUBLING of the current CO2.

As far as safe breathing goes and optimum biological growth, a concentration of CO2  at 1000 ppmv is well within the beneficial range for the planet.


Let me share with you the predicted increase in global temperatures should the CO2 in our atmosphere double? (760 ppmv)

Can I humbly refer the readers to “IPCC, 2007, chapter 10, box 10.2.”

 Let me give you the link.

 I think your source seems to exaggerate somewhat and even the IPCC figures are definitely overstating the problem. Cheers Roger Also posted at under your blog title.

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