Economic Impacts of Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policy: National Climate Change Stakeholder Recommendations and U.S. Senate Proposals Would Advance Economy and Employment. WHAT A CROCK!

I left the following comment at

This is as I state in my comment it is an absolute Crock! 

It simply does not make economic sense. Meaningful jobs do not come from switching from one energy source to an more expensive one. Any cash to finance employment for switching to these more expensive fuels will need to come from the tax payer. Raising taxes may increase the governments wealth but not GDP. In fact taxes decrease GDP!

Carbon trading adds cost to traditional fuel, thats the idea of it.

If traditional fuel prices drop then how do you stop the public from reverting back to their use? Regulation? Its there but you cant use it?

Absolutely no economic logic there at all!

How gullible is the American tax payer? This is an example of Communist lies to me.

Anyone who has a BETTER explanation PLEASE comment.

“• 2.5 million net new jobs in 2020 and a $134.3 billion expansion in GDP in 2020;
• Over $5 billion net direct economic savings in 2020, at an average net savings of
$1.57 per ton of GHG emissions avoided or removed;
• Consumer energy price reductions of 0.56% for gasoline and oil; 0.60% for fuel oil and coal; 2.01% for electricity; and 0.87% for natural gas by 2020”

This is plain propaganda!

If you read the summary the 2.5 million (net) job increase are going to come from “local, state and federal implementation of 23
important energy, transportation and natural resource policies” .

 For that read “FROM TAXPAYER FUNDS”.

Expansion of GDP? Sure raising taxes is a great way to do that!

Price reductions for gasoline, oil, coal ands electricity etc? Is that going to make us use less?

The whole article does not make economic sense.

This is another crock!




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