Environmental Defense Fund – Inhofe’s Report: Why It’s Wrong

I left the following comment at http://blogs.edf.org/climate411/2008/01/04/inhofe_report/

Unfortunately the comment was immediately spammed.

They obviously dont want any in depth opposition to their views.

 I have serious doubts about the reliability of ice core results because:

1. I have searched but cannot find any estimation of the likely margin of error or uncertainty.

2. Check out these papers. https://globalwarmingsupporter.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/ice-cores-co2-diffusion.pdf https://globalwarmingsupporter.files.wordpress.com/2010/04/igs_annals_vol03_year1982_shows-co2-scatterpdf.pdf

Look forward to your comment in reply.

Cheers Roger


PS This comment, along with your reply, will be published at http://www.globalwarmingsupporter.wordpress.com

pps “As for the complaint that the IPCC and other scientific fora don’t give a loud enough voice to the skeptical view point, we suggest that the proper channel for skeptics to voice their scientific concerns is through peer-reviewed publications and sanctioned assessments such as the IPCC and National Academy of Sciences reports. If their views are not fully reflected in those channels, it’s because they don’t stand up to rigorous scientific review.”

I disagree absolutely. The IPCC is a political organisation with its own agenda which makes it not the least inpartial.

Recent criticism of its reporting and some of the leading scientists (who very likely rely on the IPCC for finance) bear this out very clearly. Therefore research by respected emeritus scientists who are unlikely to be reliant on outside finance to the same extent should be taken very seriously.


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