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What extent will people go to to detect global warming in every climatic event?

Thats absurd,

When we get snow falls and cold winters where people freeze to death in Northern China, Tibet and Mongolia we are told that it is just an abberation in the general warming trent, and now when you get an abberation which causes a flood you are claiming it is global warming!
Get real! And besides global warming is supposed to cause deserts, but the assertions have progressed from that point it seems.



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fightingforhope Says:
29 September, 2010 at 5:54 pm


You seemed to have overlooked the opening sequence e.g.: 2000-2009, the hottest decade on record; January to June 2010, the hottest six months on record.

Your reference to Northern China etc. relates to weather rather than climate.

Global warming is rather more complicated than you imply. I recommend visiting these sites as a start:

Fighting for Hope Author

With due respect, your video also deals with weather events.
One could put together an equally frightening video showing the events of last winter.

The world has been warmer than this before, a number of those times during written history, but before these “records” mentioned in your video.

My assertion that you are scaremongering still stands.




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