For the conservation curious “Defending Science “

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As always I await a rational reply.

I don’t know which science you are trying to defend here but I can tell you it is not science in the true sense of the word. Politicized science maybe.

First of all if it is petitions by 225 scientists that makes you think that the unproven “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis is proven, try checking out the links below.

If you want some understandable reasons why the unproven “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis (which all the literature you have probably read is based upon) is unlikely ever to be proven, you are welcome to visit my blog and leave a message. Please dont be offended by the political lampooning it starts off with, but continue reading and check out some of the links given later on.

The other thing you should consider.
1. Moderate global warming and CO2 up to 1000ppmv will be a beneficial change to the world, if it ever happens. Ironically, we already benefit from the increase in CO2 in terms of improved performance of agriculture. and “safe levels of carbon dioxide”. eg.

2. If there is a chance that the world is going to burn up because of this vaunted “tipping point” I can tell you, should we obey the IPCC CO2 emission reductions and wealth transfers, there is,  in my opinion as an economist, at least a 90% chance that the world economy will shrink to the point that we experience povery and starvation in our respective western countries. For instance the great depression of the 1930’s was only a 30% reduction in economic activity and it caused worldwide poverty and death.
So I am sure you would agree, we had better be 120% sure about the dangers of Anthropogenic Global Warming before we starve ourselves and our children in a vain attempt to prevent it.

I know that the facts in my blog and what I have touched on here, may threaten your “faith” in AGW but faith in this case is misplaced, we must be hard headed and do the right thing.

I look forward to your honest comment in return.

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