India lives in her cities too! :- We’re all Maldivians today

I left the following comment at

Check out what the worlds foremost sealevel scientist says abut the sinking of the Maldives.
Did President Nasheed do the right thing when the report was presented?



Roger: Well, I’m not going to get drawn into an argument about the science of climate change – I would end up making a fool of myself. But I find it quite funny that you global warming doubters have the time to scan the internet for the most obscure blogs (such as this one) and generously share your information with people being fooled by the climate change brigade. I mean, seriously! How did you find my blog?

 You popped up on my WordPress tag surfer. Your blog must have a tag “climate change” or “global Warning” on it.

I usually ask incisive questions when I see misinformation being passed off as gospel.

Most people cannot or refuse to answer these questions because most people have a faith in global warming and its surrounding dogma, and it is painful for them to have their faith challenged.

I usually publish my comments and any answers at my other site  I find this encourages blog owners to respond.

The reason that I have no compunction in challenging the above mentioned faith is, as an Economist, I am very aware of what will happen to the people in the world if the IPCC carbon emmission requirements are met. Therefore unlike most advocates or otherwise in this debate,I have the well being of mankind in my sights.

Needless to say, the planet does not respond to faith in any shape or form as far as I am aware, and if we do foolish things to our economies on account of this above mentioned faith, more people will suffer avoidable starvation and poverty than at present.

I hope you read the attached link above about the Maldives. This counters much of the misinformation at this level, and what is significant is that the government of the Maldives refused to have Professor Morner’s study findings released to the public.
It is not hard to find a number of possible motives for his action, including the canceling of any monetary assistance that would otherwise be forth coming.

I respectively feel though, that if you do not have any factual convictions on Global Warming, and are not prepared to have your beliefs challenged, you should keep your blogs at a neutral level.

I trust you enjoyed my blog at
The political lampooning is well deserved, but later it points out a number of the many factors that disprove the currently unproven “Anthropogenic CO2 Causes Global Warming” hypothesis.




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