James Hansen: Obama’s Second Chance on the Predominant Moral Issue of This Century

I left the following comment at http://theiiirdworld.com/2010/04/07/james-hansen-obamas-second-chance-on-the-predominant-moral-issue-of-this-century/#comment-106

Seems like a subtile change of emphasis to me!



He seems to view taxing carbon as a means to freeing us from the addiction of fossil fuels which need conserving.

Just let me read the article again. Where is the reference to global warming?

Oh he mentions it once, but the tone looks more to me as a way of conserving fossil fuels and preventing physical environmental damage.

“Otherwise, if we refuse to make fossil fuels pay for their damage to human health, the environment, and our children’s future, fossil fuels will remain the cheapest energy and we will squeeze every drop from tar sands, oil shale, pristine lands, and offshore areas”

I wonder how our and our children’s health will be when we cant afford to heat our homes sufficiently?

“The rising carbon price will affect almost everything. People’s purchases will reflect a desire to minimize their costs. Food from nearby farms will benefit; imports from halfway around the world will decline.”

Absolutely right there, we will be growing our own stuff to try to prevent starving.





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