My comment on “Home on the Range”

My comment on

“In plain terms that means more expensive gas, higher home heating bills, more expensive grocery items. In fact higher costs, period. Is it worth it? I know what I think. How about you?”

I know what I think, but what do you think if those higher costs were so high that you wont be able to heat your home, drive the car or have hot water?

 What if the flow on effect of expensive energy causes food to be too expensive and the cost of transporting this food uneconomic.

What if the economy crashes and you and your family starve?

What ever the story, the emission targets set by the IPCC mean more than just a slight rise in energy such as you imply in your article.

Maybe in this case you might find your self just a little sceptical to make sure the IPCC has got it right before we embark on the sacrifice?

I am preparing a blog on this very subject, so far it is very scary.

In the mean time feel welcome to check out my blog which points out facts which seriously disprove the AGW hypothesis.

Cheers Roger

PS I also publish these comments on

Looking forward to your honest and informed answer.


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