On sustainability, csr and climate change :- The heat is on – climate change and the media

I left the following comment at  http://blog.floriankaefer.com/2010/06/11/media-climate-change-conference/

Will be interesting if he has any interest in this fact.

“Climate change is perhaps the greatest challenge facing the world today”

No  but attempting to meet the IPCC CO2 Emissision Reduction Guidelines will be.




Also posted on http://www.globalwarmingsupporter.wordpress.com where my readers will await your answer.

Thanks for your comment, Roger. I would agree with you, if climate change were “only” about the technical issue of reducing emissions. It is not. The climate plays a crucial role for many cultures and religions. Not only the physical effects of rising sea levels etc. form part of this “greatest challenge”, but also the effect on people’s identity construction. In the end, it does not matter who offers the best definition on CC or a water-proof interpretation of climate data: what people believe matters – and the media play a big – if not dominant – role there.

Sure, but my point is that the IPCC are overstating the case and the media are overstating the IPCC.

This study I think is a valid analysis.

Whereas the actual cost and effectiveness of the proposed remedy is being played down.

If the public were aware of the personal cost of the above mentioned remedies to each and every normal person in the western world, they would be giving the whole subject a lot more scrutiny.

In other words we are being led like sheep.

If you read my blog you will see some of the reasons why “Anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis is unlikely.



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