Oxfam Canada Volunteers Ready to March for Climate Justice

The following comment was left at http://thirdwaveactivism.com/2010/04/04/oxfam-canada-volunteers-ready-to-march-for-climate-justice/#comment-26

I await the reply.



Marching for what?
Is there a latter day King Canute among you?

There is no anthropogenic co2 induced global warming or climate change.

Check out my blog before you ask everyone to march on the account of an unproven scientific hypothesis.


Dont mind the lighthearted but deserved lampooning of some political figures but continue to the well referenced facts.

If you are confident that there is human induced climate change you wont find this comment disturbing nor particularly worrying, and if you are truely honest, you will publish it and let your members make up their own minds about things.

This comment will also be published on http://www.globalwarmingsupporter.wordpress.com just in case you are dishonest enough to delete it.




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