Ozzbooks’s Blog :- Climate Change a Grandparent’s Guide

I left the following comment at http://ozzbooks.wordpress.com/2010/05/22/climate-change-a-grandparents-guide/

This guy seems genuinely concerned and there is no doubt that the scare tactics of the IPCC etc have an influence in this.

Dear Grandad,
(and you are probably not much older than I am.

I too am concerned with global warming and as an economist, I have come to a different conclusion.

Please read my blog http://www.rogerfromnewzealand.wordpress.com

I believe there is no danger from anthropogenic CO2 in fact it is beneficial.


(just to quote two of many sources)

It stands to reason that a warming climate does not cause desertification but rather the opposite. The warmer the atmosphere is the more moisture it can hold and this must result in generally more precipitation.
You might note that this period was during the height of the Holocene Maximum when the climate was considerably warmer than today.
http://rogerfromnewzealand.wordpress.com/porky-no-3-ipcc-attempts-to-change-history/  (There is suitable graph of the
Holocene temperatures drawn from the IPCC own reports, halfway down this page.)
Ironically enough, the increasing CO2 in our atmosphere has most likely been a major factor in our increased global fertility to the extent that we have generally been able to feed our growing population in spite of the dire predictions of Malthusians of yesteryear.

However  I do believe we and our grand children are in danger, and this is not from anthropogenic CO2 or global warming, but from the proposed responses to it.

As an economist, I can assure you that the proposed IPCC emission reductions and wealth transfers will depress our economies to suc an extent that will exceed the great depression.
In the great depression, there was only a slow down of between 25 and 30% of economic activity. Returning our CO2 emissions to as much as 40% below 1990 levels will effect us much more adversely than that.

In my country, we are about to lead the world in introducing the most comprehensive ETS scheme in history, in spite of the fact that we contribute less than 0.02 of total CO2 emissions. This is set to drive our already depressed economy even deeper into recession.
I dont think you want anything like this in your country.



ps I hope you wont mind, but  I will also post this comment and any replies on my other website http://www.globalwarmingsupporter.wordpress.com for the benefit of my readers.


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