Reasoned Assault:- The skeptical views of a 22 year old hardcore kid

I left the following comment at

Will comment further when I receive this persons reply.

It appears to me though that he is the result of being fed many years propaganda at high school.

I hope at university though, he will learn to think for himself.

“1.) A common talking point amongst AGW deniers is the, “when I was a kid they were predicting an ice age from global cooling!” argument. My jaw almost hit the floor when my professor offered this as a counter to the textbooks information on climate change.”

Maybe you should take notice of your professor.
I can remember when there was a hype about global cooling as well.
You might want to do some research of the Arctic Ice conditions during those years before you further condemn the good professor.

The crime is likely in the feeding your impressional mind with half facts while you were at high school.

“You may have noticed, but Time magazine is not a science publication. It is not peer-reviewed, it is not a source of empirical research.”

I’m glad you expect to see empirical evidence. That is good, and as a university student you will be encouraged to use your own enquiring mind about things including AGW.
So here is a task, how about you find some empirical evidence for the “anthropogenic CO2 causes Global Warming” hypothesis.
If you find it, please let me know because I will be interested to see it as well.



ps I will publish this conversation at where my readers will also be interested to read your reply and findings.


2 Responses to “Reasoned Assault:- The skeptical views of a 22 year old hardcore kid”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Humbled as I am that you have chosen to challenge my blog, I have to challenge the assertion in your latest comment (that has also yet to be published) that I marked your comment as spam. I did no such thing, it is awaiting moderation as I do not currently have the time to respond to it.

    As noted in my blog post, I have a hard time finding time to update the blog, and this includes responding to comments on the blog. Your comment challenged me to do research, so I must do research. Researching a topic requires time, and right now in my life’s priorities, particularly as I enter exam season, this blog is very low on my list of priorities.

    I will respond to your comment when I have the time for it, and feel free to post the response anywhere you please. I simply chose not to publish the comment until I had the time to respond to it. Simply a misunderstanding I’m sure, but I felt the need to respond since you then called me hypocrite and a religious zealot with no evidence to support either of those assertions.

    You seemed quite eager to add me to your blacklist of sorts you have here. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come in our future conversations.

    Take care,

    • rogerthesurf Says:

      Excuse me for thinking you had spammed my comment.
      The reason why I came to that conclusion is that generally when one revisits a site one has commented on, one can see ones comment even if it has not been published. It simply has a tag saying that it is “awaiting moderation”
      However in your case, although previously in the condition as described above, my comment had disappeared which generally is a sure sign that it has been either deleted or relegated to spam.

      Unfortunately, people with views such as yours, and I am reluctant to generalise, but it appears that many or most simply do not have the knowledge and understanding to support their views, will generally delete comments that make them feel uncomfortable.
      The idea of this site is to encourage them to answer and start thinking about their views rather than relying on what they are told by the news media etc.

      I am quite happy to wait until you have the chance to publish and reply to my comment.
      My readers here will be interested to read what you have to say.



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