RFF Library Blog:- Putting a Price on Success : the Case for Pricing Carbon

Frankly the propaganda we are being bombarded with telling us that green industries that are either subsidised by the tax payer or the result of artificial hikes in the price of energy, will create jobs, save money as well as save the planet, have to be the biggest porkies next to the AGW and IPCC lies.

Whatever lies ahead is a horrifying change in our lifestyles and society. The real choice that we are given is :- “Quit carbon use, enter into poverty and starvation because we need to atone for our past greediness and need to prevent the planet from burning up” .

I left the comment below at   http://rfflibrary.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/putting-a-price-on-success-the-case-for-pricing-carbon/

I skimmed through the report.

All I can say is that I think they are dreaming.

If “clean” energy is a good investment, there is no need to “encourage” investment.
The only way for a government to “encourage” investment in an industry is to force the taxpayer to subsidise it, and any freshman in economics knows that is the way to kill jobs in other parts of the economy. Milton Friedman got his Nobel Prize for proving that for every job “created” by a government with the taxpayers money, two jobs are lost somehere else in the economy.

A better way to mitigate the dependance of America on foreign oil is to ensure the local market pays the world price for the locally produced oil.

A 40% increase in the price of fossil fuels will “save” money for consumers? Haha Insulating homes will have a huge effect on the agricultural, manufacturing and transport/distribution sector! Not!

Actually I have never read so much drivel.





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