The Dirt :- Laying out a Path to a Climate-smart World

One has to be aware of the difference between what even the IPCC predicts and the propaganda and porkies we are told.

I left the following comment at

“Fay argued that the threat of climate change is “serious and immediate.” Using IPCC data from 2001 and then 2007, she showed how the risks of unique and threatening systems, extreme weather, and large-scale discontinuities are all growing. ”We are already at 0.8C above pre-industrial temperatures. Stopping at 2.0C above pre-industrial levels, which is the best we can achieve, still puts us in the danger zone.”

Is Fay aware of the predicted increase in global temperatures should the CO2 in our atmosphere double? (760 ppmv)

Can I humbly refer the readers to “IPCC, 2007, chapter 10, box 10.2.”
Let me give you the link.

“Since the TAR, the levels of scientific understanding and confidence in quantitative estimates of equilibrium climate sensitivity have increased substantially. Basing our assessment on a combination of several independent lines of evidence, as summarised in Box 10.2 Figures 1 and 2, including observed climate change and the strength of known feedbacks simulated in GCMs, we conclude that the global mean equilibrium warming for doubling CO2, or ‘equilibrium climate sensitivity’, is likely to lie in the range <b>2°C to 4.5°C </b>, with a most likely value of about 3°C. Equilibrium climate sensitivity is very likely larger than 1.5°C. “

Sounds scary right?




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