Thoughts on the world of rhetoric the intersection :- Diagnosis: Denialism

I left the following comment at

This guy is to become a professor it seems so we await his learned reply.


Check out my blog, if you can handle the well deserved lampooning of political figures.
After the lampooning, check out the simple historical facts presented in laymans terms for the layman, which disprove the still unproven “anthropogenic co2 causes global warming” hypothesis.

When you have done that, just check out the definition of hypothesis which you may have forgotten, and then show me and the readers how the  “anthropogenic co2 causes global warming” hypothesis is proven.

Then why not check with some of your economics colleagues about the economic and social cost of the proposed IPCC emission reductions.

As you may have realised by now, I am what you term as a sceptic.
Ad hominem comments aside, I think I am one who recognises what is at stake here and demands a high standard proof before we make any foolish decisions.

Call me what you like!

Cheers  Roger

This comment and any answers will be published on
My readers will await your reply with interest.


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