Throwing Stones at Giants:- The gulf oil leak is the writing on the wall but the lettering has never been this large.

I left the following comment at :-

“Their behaviour up until now has been precisely that which the corporate mandate determines it to be. They have looked for the most cost effective solution to their problems: international pressure from governments that could lead to unfavourable operational conditions and the potential cost to BP’s brand in the eyes of the public.”

BP corporate mandate is to provide the very best return on their share holder’s investment.

Having any sort of costly accident or disaster will effect their bottom line and their ability to provide those returns to their share holders.

It is therefore not even slightly in the interests of BP or any other capitalist enterprise to risk any sort of disaster.

Unlike governments who can turn to the taxpayer when funds are needed, BP like any business, does have finite resources and like any proper enterprise must always adopt the most cost effective solution. I also, (on behalf of the tax payer), would hope, but probably in vain, that a government in the same situation would also choose the most cost effective solution.

This being the case, your above statement is absolutely incorrect. BP stuffed up for sure but yes they are paying for it.

Now if the US was a socialist/communist state and the oil drilling was being carried out by some government department with faceless bureaucrats, who have nothing to lose out of their pockets, can you honestly say that more care would have been taken that would have averted this terrible accident?



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